Körber Manufacturing Start-up Challenge

Remote Hackathon - Summer Challenge - Manufacturing Efficiency

Körber Manufacturing Start-up Challenge

Körber connects you with manufacturing start-ups who compete to tackle your manufacturing efficiency challenges. The start-ups are given three days to come up with solutions and to finally to present their results.

Our Start-up challenge takes place from July 20th - 22nd, 2020.

How does the "Manufacturing Efficiency Start-up Challenge" work?

  1. Share your 3 main manufacturing efficiency challenges (i.e. downtine issues)
  2. Start-ups apply and you choose the ones that you see fit for solving your challenge
  3. Körber hosts a 3–day online program where solutions are created (remote hackathon)
  4. See demonstrations of every solution and contribute €5,000 to the investment pool
  5. Vote for your winning team:
    1st place receives 60% of the whole investment pool, 
    2nd place receives 30% and 3rd place 10%

Get your tailored proof of concept for your manufacturing efficiency challenge

The fast way to solve your manufacturing challenges.

Which challenges do you face in your current production efficiency?

  • Availability
  • Performance
  • Quality
  • Remote Operations
  • Sustainability
  • Staff & Training

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Every company with a production facility and processes in place to manufacture goods at calculated output rates. The challenge focuses on manufacturing efficiency, meaning discovering potential for oprimizing the overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) within your production lines and production plants as a whole.

Every person in a company can apply who is given the permission to take part.

The Körber Manufacturing Efficiency Start-up Challenge will focus on adressing issues that keep your production processes from being even better. Körber has pre-selected some categories to make it even easier for you to find potential to increase your manufacturing efficiency, within the framework of this hackathon.

Categories include: Availability, Performance, Quality, Remote Operations, Sustainability, Staff & Training.

Please provide a brief description of the challenge in simple words. This helps to understand the implications of this challenge to your manufacturing processes.

After submitting your challenges there will be a follow-up call with a data scientist and an innovation manager. In this call the challenges will be further specified and the application will be completed. Furthermore, in this call, the necessary data points, needed to successfully tackle your challenge, will be defined.

The challenges will be posted anonymously on our website for the start-ups application process.

By applying for the start-up challenge, you accept to actively participate and support start-ups to help solve your manufacturing efficiency challenges. Thus, we ask you to accept the following deliverables:

  • Financial investment for the winning start-ups: €5,000 from each industry partner.
  • A dedicated mentor during the three days: one dedicated subject matter expert from your organization will support start-ups with your industry-specific knowledge.
  • Jury participant: One Jury participant for the third day (20th of May) to vote for the best start-up. Ideally, someone who can be a potential customer for the start-up.
  • Machine data (if necessary): For some challenges, it is helpful to provide machine data in CSV format for the start-ups.

We ask every partner to support the start-ups with an allowance of €5,000.

All partners invest €5,000. The investment is pooled to support the start-ups with an allowance for their hard work during the three days.
Three start-ups can win a portion from this financial pool.

  • 1st place will be awarded 60%, 2nd place 30%, and 3rd place 10%.

Start-ups will specifically apply for your challenge with their existing team and ideas. After a pre-selection by Körber, a shortlist of start-up applicants for your challenge will be sent to you.
You may choose only one start-up per challenge.

We work with start-ups that already have a product and piece of software. Within the hackathon, they try to adapt their software to address your specific challenge. Thus, the start-up will keep the developed software and own it. After the challenge, a further piloting phase or project can be arranged individually.

Want to participate in the next Hackathon?

Please, do not hesitate to contact Laura Weil, Digital Strategy & External Innovation Manager at Körber Digital.

Laura Weil - Digital Strategy & External Innovation Manager

Laura Weil
Körber Digital GmbH
Digital Strategy & External Innovation Manager


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