Start-up technology meets shop floor data


Start-up technology meets shop floor data

Körber‘s Hackathon in AI-powered Manufacturing Efficiency

Covid-19 has once more challenged the way manufacturers face digitization during a time of remote work. Each day brings new complexity and requires more agility and speed to adapt to current changes. With that being said, IDC predicted before Covid-19 that investments in digital innovation would almost reach $7.3 Trillion between 2020 and 2023.

Now that digitalization has become a priority, it’s easy to assume that this estimate is now much lower than the current trends in digital innovation. Before Covis-19, digitization projects were concerned with implementing state-of-the-art technology to capture production data and to increase manufacturing efficiency that consumed a lot of resources, ranging from monetary and time investments to manpower. But, with the current problems and challenges, big time and monetary investments are luxuries no one can afford. 

Building strong connections – weaving a network 

Körber has been focused on building strong manufacturing networks in the form of a digital ecosystem. By working together, we can go from lone fighters to co-creators to revolutionize the field of manufacturing. Currently, the network between start-ups and manufacturers is not being utilized to its full potential. Leaving both sides with untapped opportunities in the digital supply chain. 

  1. Start-ups: Without access to the shop floors, start-ups are not able to fully demonstrate the potential of their high tech capabilities. Providing fast and efficient software solutions to help increase overall equipment effectiveness (OEE). Start-ups need access to shop floor data - and manufacturers can supply. Have a loot at the 2020 challenges here: come this way
  2. Manufacturers: While the use or inhouse-development of customized software solutions that require huge amounts of time and specialists is not practical. Since time is crucial, the opportunity to co-create is a chance every manufacturing company should take advantage of. Manufacturers need quick results – and start-ups can deliver. 

Expanding networks through remote events 

This is where a hackathon can provide a solution. At Körber’s Business Area Digital, we aim to create a manufacturing efficiency ecosystem that supports all players in this field with access to new technologies, dynamic practices and problem-solution fits. To build this ecosystem, however, we need to focus on emerging start-ups to understand the drivers of new technologies and to keep up the speed of learning and adapting. In the field of manufacturing efficiency and industry 4.0, networks empower tech leaders by providing remote events that foster teamwork, performance and co-creation. 

We at Körber continue to be industry leaders even if current times stop us from interacting physically. Through the added pressure of contact restrictions, we are challenged to devise a new format to match start-up technologies with manufacturing challenges - remotely. The Manufacturing Efficiency Hackathon is the perfect opportunity to build new networks, create strong connections between external innovators and entrepreneurs, as well as intrapreneurs and manufacturers to address and master challenges we are facing together. 

Start-up Challenge Manufacturing Efficiency: 20th-22nd of July 2020 

We want to use events like this hackathon to create links between start-ups and manufacturers. Together, we want to find creative tech start-up solutions that match our and their manufacturing efficiency challenges. A hackathon provides manufacturing partners with a chance to access new out-of-the-box thinking combined with emerging technologies to co-create and validate concepts and solutions for real-life challenges in manufacturing companies.  

Hauni (Business Area Tobacco) and Werum (Business Area Pharma) already shared their production challenges, along with other Körber customers and external industry partners.  

What is the hackathon’s agenda? 

The Körber Manufacturing Efficiency Hackathon will take place as a three-day remote program. Start-ups will work on challenges to create a tailored proof-of-concept devised from industry partners during their production operations that focus on availability, performance, quality, remote operations and sustainability.  

Körber Business Area Digital will host this event through remote collaboration technology and offer to mentor the project teams. On the final day, a jury consisting of the industry partners will select the winning start-ups. The price will be a share of the investment pool money as compensation for their effort. Solutions developed during this hackathon can be further advanced by a co-creation approach after the hackathon ends. 

Manufacturing challenges can be handed in online until the 29th of May 2020. After the challenges have been handed in, start-ups can turn in their applications online. Applications from various start-ups will be evaluated while manufacturers provide an initial budget of 5,000€ that will finance the event. Each challenge will have a dedicated expert to support start-ups with industry-specific questions. Afterwards, manufacturers and start-ups will decide to continue the collaboration process and become potential future partners. 

The Manufacturing Efficiency Hackathon will take place remotely on July 20-22nd, 2020. 

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