Welcome to the Center of Digital Excellence

We support digital transformation processes by helping companies and teams apply best practices and state-of-the-art methodologies to leverage their full potential to build successful IIoT products.

What we do at the CoDE

We created the Center of Digital Excellence (CoDE) to empower the Machine-Building industry members to grow into leading Industry 4.0 champions.  

We teach and help apply best practices and state-of-the-art methodologies that drive the world's most innovative digital companies to master the challenges of digital transformation.  

We offer a great variety of training services in different digital expertise fields for you to leverage your team's full potential to build successful IIoT products. 

View our trainings here. 

Our training formats

In our open training and courses, we offer seminars, workshops and coaching for the successful development of digital products and talents. We provide classic "classroom" training and remote formats, fully digital – 100% knowledge and enablement.  

Are you interested in individual training for your team? Please, contact us. We will find a way. 

From seminars to consulting


Besides theoretical topic foundations, our seminars include valuable insights into the best practice experiences of our coaches. We tailor the CoDE seminars to fit your company's unique demands to improve your team's performance and efficacy. 


We host and facilitate different workshops that help you create new ideas or solve genuine challenges. We conduct workshops either entirely remotely, our Körbre Digital Office, and onsite in your facilities. 

Coaching & Consulting

We offer professional "on-the-job" Coaching for individuals and teams – to facilitate and speed up the development of new skills and improve overall professional performance. We adapt the extent and intensity of Coaching & Consulting according to individual needs and goals. 

Our fields of expertise

Product Design

We apply the Design Thinking methodology's proven techniques to develop successful and sustainable solutions based on a true user-centric mindset. 

Agile Methods

We teach how to apply the proven practices of Agile methodologies for continuous product development and process improvement within the mechanical engineering industry. 

Data Science

The methods of Artificial Intelligence and machine learning open a whole range of new possibilities. Our Data Scientists identify and realize hidden business and growth potential within your manufacturing processes. 

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