Welcome to the future: Pioneer your career with our crew!

Welcome to the future: Pioneer your career with our crew!

We are transforming the world! We are innovators and entrepreneurs focused on finding new solutions and surpassing obstacles. With Artificial Intelligence and Software as a Service (SaaS) we are defining the future of digital manufacturing and doing something good for society.

We count on our growing passionate crew!

We are not a team, because we work together. We are a team, because we respect, trust and care for each other.

The facts above are not the only aspect uniting us at Körber Digital. We are all committed to our Culture Code.
Our Culture Code includes a set of behaviours that we understand as the foundation of our collaboration. 

Listen to our CEO Daniel Szabo to find out more about our Culture Code!

What we offer: Our Benefits

The best place to work is the one where a lot of inspiring people come together.

Our Culture Code is built on an agile, flexible work environment. We strongly believe that within the right framework the potential of each employee to act like an entrepreneur can be unlocked.

Therefore, we designed our work environment and benefits to enable our crew to make a difference.

Our offering includes among others:

Where is the coffee?!

If you are asking, why there is no coffee listed... we leave the decision up to you - if you want to drink it in one of our offices, in your kitchen at home, in your favourite café or during a work from abroad experience.

Does that sound right to you? Then it’s time to start your journey with us.

We hire for potential!

Check out our open positions now!

Don’t miss out on the opportunities at our ventures either:

No open position that fits to you?

In case, that there is not a fitting profile, don’t hesitate to send us your application anyway.

To do so, and for any questions about our opportunities, please              reach out to our recruiting team

Our locations


Körber Digital has deliberately chosen an inspiring environment as its key location: Europe’s urban beacon and start-up hotspot, Berlin. Here, amidst a vibrant community of IT experts, start-ups of almost every kind, and international customers seeking new solutions, Körber Digital can ideally exploit the opportunities digitization offers. No other place in Germany has such a concentration of creative and talented people from all over the world. 


Karlsruhe is one of the most important European locations for information and communication technology and has become Germany’s center for Industry 4.0. Karlsruhe has numerous engineering and manufacturing companies in the immediate vicinity. There is a diverse corporate, research, and science landscape, including the Fraunhofer Institute, the Research Centre for Computer Science and, of course, the KIT. Karlsruhe has been chosen to act as the national AI hub within the German Digital Hub Initiative. 


For some time now, Porto has not only been known for its beautiful architecture and numerous bridges, but also for one of Europe's fastest growing tech hubs. Portugal’s technology sector is growing and so is Porto’s developer community and start-up scene. The city is building up its own digital ecosystem in a dynamic environment that is supported by public authorities and private enterprises.

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At the home for entrepreneurs, we are building user-centric AI-Powered SaaS companies. These companies will fuel the future of the manufacturing industry with a clear focus on increasing production efficiency. See what we are up to! 

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Artificial intelligence, data science, machine learning and Industrial IoT are part of our DNA. Using the latest technology advancements combined with a “software first” mindset, we build machine agnostic solutions, adopt a user-centric philosophy, and disrupt the manufacturing industry. See how! 

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 At Körber Digital, we know that the manufacturing industry's future is digital and interconnected. Together with our partners, we implement cutting edge-data analytic applications to build efficient ecosystems that drive AI-powered manufacturing efficiency further into the future. 

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