A strong digital ecosystem for mechanical engineering – Europe's opportunity

A strong digital ecosystem for mechanical engineering – Europe's opportunity

We are building a European digital manufacturing ecosystem based on collaboration, co-creation, co-innovation and co-opetition – going beyond the individual company and industry boundaries.

Co-creating industry- and machine-independent digital solutions

Körber’s Business Area Digital develops industry- and machine-independent digital solutions with industry experts, academia, partners and start-ups, currently primarily in the pharmaceutical, tissue, tobacco and supply chain industries. In 2020, our first venture FactoryPal was spun out #proudmoment. 

Digital Manufacturing Ecosystem

Join the co-creation and be part of a high-performing manufacturing ecosystem.

Körber, accompanied by its Business Areas, is the best partner to discover hidden champions and co-create successful XaaS companies out of corporate innovations, partnerships and joint ventures. We are active shareholders and design for long-term measurable added value for our industry – supporting the development and scaling of innovative Software-as-a-Service solutions with a proven and strong product-market fit. 

Sharing expertise and expert knowledge in partnership

With the digital manufacturing ecosystem we are building, we aim to share expertise and expert knowledge with a network of industry partners. Together we discover and open up market opportunities by solving digitalization challenges – within the ecosystem with cutting-edge start-up tech and proven technologies. 

We have the chance to establish a digital manufacturing toolbox – where solutions are readily available for partners to implement across their shop floors – and industry partners make data and shop floors available to innovation. 

We partner with outstanding start-ups and corporations to build a digital manufacturing ecosystem to drive AI-powered manufacturing efficiency in Europe and on a global scale.

Co-X is the way
co-creation | collaboration | co-opetition

We have multiple formats in our portfolio to reach our ambitious goal, ranging from CxO roundtables to tech hackathons to full-venture co-creation. 

Just to name one example: the famous Körber Manufacturing Efficiency Start-up Challenge – a unique opportunity to bring start-up tech with manufacturing challenges from our partners' shop floors.

Stay tuned for next year's challenge! 

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At the home for entrepreneurs, we are building user-centric AI-Powered SaaS companies. These companies will fuel the future of the manufacturing industry with a clear focus on increasing production efficiency. See what we are up to! 

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Artificial intelligence, data science, machine learning and Industrial IoT are part of our DNA. Using the latest technology advancements combined with a “software first” mindset, we build machine agnostic solutions, adopt a user-centric philosophy, and disrupt the manufacturing industry. See how! 

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We build digital engineering tools for tomorrow's manufacturing industry focusing on supply chain, pharma, tissue and tobacco. We co-create digital products, services and business models with scientists, experts and partners to drive digital transformation globally. See what we do! 

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