Disrupting the world of manufacturing with technology


We carry a technology and software-first mindset.  

We are evangelists for machine-agnostic smart manufacturing. Our area of expertise: The manufacturing of the future – but smart is not only automation and robots. Smart manufacturing encompasses both operator excellence and experience with the added value of artificial intelligence (AI), data science, machine learning, IIoT and usability of the digital solutions. 

In order to build successful IIoT products and grow into leading Industry 4.0, we support companies in their digital transformation process by applying best practices and state-of-the-art methodologies. 


The User in first place

For us the User Experience (UX) occupy a central place in our user-centric AI and IIoT products, enabled by methodologies such as Design Thinking, Strategic Design, Design Sprints, which we apply daily. We and our ventures want to provide the best solutions for manufacturing challenges, and to ensure that our products are relevant, easy to use, and efficient.

If you don’t connect, you get left behind. The opportunity in machine and cloud connectivity are significant.

We know that the future of manufacturing is a fully integrated and connected ecosystem across the whole value chain, built with advanced Data Analytics tools powered by AI.

We create the next European manufacturing ecosystem and co-create it with all the players across the value chain.

As an international technology leader, Körber innovates and establishes digital frameworks successfully: connecting people, data, machines, and processes. 

Interconnected machine-agnostic solutions are the future for the digital transformation of entire shop floors, production lines and processes.

Overall Equipment Effectiveness increase - from the 'cloud'

In the context of the manufacturing industry, connectivity means sending data from production machines and entire lines into the cloud, where the data is modified. Adapted data sets generate insights and are ready for analysis, monitoring. The goal is to optimize and automate production processes to increase the Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE). 

When focussing on the efficiency within the value chain, most manufacturers have a good idea of the general dynamics of full digital connectivity. Machine – Cloud – Magic.  

But value can also be generated when opportunities within specific groups, as employees, customers, suppliers and even more participants, are opened up. These opportunities hold excellent potential for growth in our ever faster-shifting markets, customer needs and infinite competition games.  

The opportunity behind connectivity lies in solutions that work on machines from different manufacturers, at a low cost, with the highest security standards.

AI-Fuelled Manufacturing Transformation

We revolutionize the industry with the ultimate combination of AI cutting-edge technology, end to end learning, and design-driven approach. We use different angles for our AI approach from predictive maintenance to generative AI, to bring innovation, efficiency, and customization to your operation.

Data Science knows best

Using manufacturing data can reveal further potential. Because data already has answers to questions like "Where are the hidden sources of error in our production process?" Or: "In what ways do certain factors affect productivity?" - and we give you the access to be able to listen what your data has to tell you!

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