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We are the home for entrepreneurs working every day to build user-centric AI-powered SaaS companies that increase production efficiency! 

The future of the manufacturing market will be software-driven – we aspire to build companies with sustainable success, creating added value with our unfair advantage, deep industry knowledge and elevate partners.



InspectifAI is the pioneer in using machine learning systems in pharmaceutical visual inspection.

Founded in 2021, InspectifAI is engaged in developing and implementing various AI-based methods to boost quality and at the same time reduce costs in visual inspection of pharmaceutical products.

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FactoryPal improves shopfloor manufacturing performance in the process industry by presenting solutions for typical pain points that reduce productivity.

FactoryPal increases the efficiency of manufacturing lines by recommending better line parameter settings. Those are computed by combining cloud software with IIoT and machine learning. This Solution-as-a-Service (SolaaS) offering merges personnel’s expertise with AI to significantly improve performance on the shop floor.

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vaibe revolutionizes the way employees with manual repetitive work feel and are linked to their everyday functions.

Using gamification and success psychology, combined with AI-optimization, vaibe creates SaaS solutions that naturally engage teams and empower employees individually.

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DAIN Studios

Data and AI are evolving at a pace. DAIN Studios provide the know-how for companies to get up to speed fast while maintaining the right ethical mindset. The consultancy firm chases data and AI opportunities for its clients using data analytics, AI, business intelligence, and related tools.

DAIN Studios bring together a diverse team of 70+ data and AI experts who combine extensive business experience with deep knowledge in analysis, strategy, and training.

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K.optimize® DevConcepts

K.optimize® DevConcepts provides digital capacity and expertise to manufacturers to implement digital projects with better cost/efficiency ratios. With a unique combination of knowledge, understands the pain points of a manufacturing physical world and brings that physical world into a digital cloud AI-empowered solution, creating personalized workflow engines.

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Körber Ecosystem

Today, customers expect more a holistic, “solution” approach instead of an individual “machine” focus. That’s where the ecosystem approach comes in.

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We are innovators and entrepreneurs focused on finding new solutions and surpassing obstacles. Do you want to join the home for entrepreneurs? We are always looking for passionate people!

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