Grow your business with AI-powered manufacturing efficiency

Grow your business with AI-powered manufacturing efficiency

We go beyond industrial production and build deep tech companies to transform global manufacturing

Join the ecosystem for AI-powered manufacturing

Creating value through an open culture of innovation.

Innovation means looking at a challenge from different angles with a diverse set of experts, tech, and tools. Ecosystems can tackle real-world challenges by sharing resources to improve the outcome for everyone involved. 

At Körber, we believe in the co-creation approach and are certain that the next disruptive technologies for the manufacturing industry must be developed collectively. 
Join us in building a powerful European ecosystem to push AI-powered manufacturing even further.

Körber Manufacturing Start-up Challenge 2020

With the goal of driving digital innovations in manufacturing, Körber’s Business Area Digital hosted a remote 3-day Hackathon. Amazing solutions were developed to solve real-world challenges by manufacturing companies. 
This year's participants learned alot from industry leaders, and demonstrated the value of their start-up technology. It was a great opportunity to let start-ups shine and to start a community of innovators. Have a look at the challenges here.

Technological progress is a collaborative effort

Körber Digital is a Business Area of the Körber Group. 
We develop and offer  digital products, services and solutions by co-creating with experts, science and partners from multiple industries within logistics, pharma, tissue and tobacco. We build deep tech companies for AI-powered manufacturing efficiency to improve the key levers availability, performance and quality. Based on our experience with our Business Areas, customers and partners, co-creation is key to commercialize innovative ideas that improve the key levers availability, performance and quality. AI-powered solutions will be machine-vendor-agnostic not limited to specific sectors and industries. 

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