Grow your business with AI-powered manufacturing efficiency


We build successful ventures – from seed to scaling phase. 

We build user-centric Software-as-a-Service products that increase manufacturing efficiency worldwide.

We go beyond industrial production and build deep tech companies to transform global manufacturing.

Artificial Intelligence #AI will continue to transform manufacturing in ways only a few can imagine – we are those few! 






With our partners, we co-create sustainable solutions that will become the leaders in the manufacturing of the future.

Innovation means looking at a challenge from different angles with a diverse set of experts, tech, and tools. Ecosystems can tackle real-world challenges by sharing resources to improve the outcome for everyone involved.

At Körber, we believe in the co-creation approach and are certain that the next disruptive technologies for the manufacturing industry must be developed collectively. 
Join us in building a powerful European ecosystem to push AI-powered manufacturing even further.


We are

Körber Business Area Digital is the biggest company builder for manufacturing efficiency in Germany. With over 350 colleagues, from around 30 nationalities, in expert positions. 

Körber acquires majority stake in AI consulting company DAIN Studios!

Körber strengthens its Business Area Digital by acquiring a majority stake in DAIN Studios. The Finnish-German data and AI consultancy empowers businesses from their very first data journey to excelling at artificial intelligence solutions. The portfolio of DAIN Studios, established in 2016 with offices in Berlin, Helsinki and Munich, is designed to answer the fundamental challenges companies are facing during their transformation to a data-driven organization. Based on years of experience and an international team of experts, the company accompanies their customers throughout the whole journey: from strategy to implementation, from optimizing operations to creating new growth. With the consulting expertise of DAIN Studios, Körber expands its possibilities to leverage the power of AI to create a visible business value for customers. 

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We are winning

Körber Digital is named Germany's best Digital Innovation Unit 2021 – chosen by Infront Consulting & Management GmbH & Capital Magazin. We convinced the expert jury of our approach to innovating for the manufacturing industry of the future.

We co-create scalable machine-agnostic and user-centric SaaS solutions.
We follow our mission to use the power of artificial intelligence to maximize manufacturing efficiency around the world.
Our venture FactoryPal was spotlighted as an IoT unicorn in sight – as they are in the hyperscaling phase, and the data looks promising.
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We are recognized

We are featured in the media

We co-X
collaborate | co-create | co-innovate

Technological progress is a collaborative effort.

We develop and offer digital products, services and solutions by co-creating with experts, scientists and partners from multiple industries within logistics, pharma, tissue and technologies. 

We build deep tech companies for AI-powered manufacturing efficiency to improve the key levers: availability, performance and quality.  

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Based on our experience with Körbr's Business Areas, customers and partners, co-creation is key to commercialize innovative ideas that improve the essential areas. Our AI-powered solutions are machine-vendor-agnostic and not limited to specific sectors and industries. 

We are more

We are a rapidly growing team of 150+ strategists, venture architects and company builders, engineers, data scientists, designers, operations experts, digital marketeers, communicators, IIoT product owners, scrum masters, people enthusiasts aiming to make our customers and colleagues more successful in the digital age.

We combine leadings industry knowledge with deep tech know-how

As a Business Area of the Körber Group, an international technology leader with 10k+ employees all over the world, we tap into industry leading experience from pharma, supply chain, tissue and technology to our tech ventures.

We connect

The German mechanical engineering industry always had a strong influence on shop floors across the world. Efficiency plates a decisive role for us, and AI gives us the decisive edge – we make machines more efficient with artificial intelligence.

The future of shop floors is interconnected – from machines, to the cloud, to humans and algorithms.

We shape the future of the industry – and make our customers successful throughout the digital revolutions.

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At the home for entrepreneurs, we are building user-centric AI-Powered SaaS companies. These companies will fuel the future of the manufacturing industry with a clear focus on increasing production efficiency. See what we are up to! 

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Artificial intelligence, data science, machine learning and Industrial IoT are part of our DNA. Using the latest technology advancements combined with a “software first” mindset, we build machine agnostic solutions, adopt a user-centric philosophy, and disrupt the manufacturing industry. See how! 

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 At Körber Digital, we know that the manufacturing industry's future is digital and interconnected. Together with our partners, we implement cutting edge-data analytic applications to build efficient ecosystems that drive AI-powered manufacturing efficiency further into the future. 

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