Europe's Opportunity: Why mechanical engineering needs a digital ecosystem and innovation culture

Why we have to tear down our silos for the sake of innovation

Europe's Opportunity: Why mechanical engineering needs a digital ecosystem and innovation culture

Digital ecosystems bring together individual stakeholders and enable them to make changes for the benefit of all. In the field of manufacturing, digital ecosystems are leading to digital innovations disrupting the industry. These innovations have the potential to redefine manufacturing in the form of a new industrial revolution.  

McKinsey had a special issue where they discussed how “The industry landscape is going through an upheaval as digital ecosystems take shape. To win, companies will need to embrace new relationships and ways of collaborating” 

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Open innovation starts here

Laura Weil - Digital Strategy & External Innovation Manager

Laura Weil
Körber Digital
Digital Strategy & External Innovation Manager

Creating value through innovation

By themselves, industrial companies and mechanical engineers won't be able to compete against the combined IT expertise of software giants like Amazon or Google or reach the standard of AI other industries have achieved.

The answer lies in a cooperative approach of building a digital ecosystem with established machine builders, suppliers, technology companies, startups and leading research institutions

This is about more than just being first, it's about moving Europe as a whole, and the European manufacturing industry, forward through AI-powered manufacturing efficiency. To reach this goal, we must put aside the idea of competition, and realize that only with an open mindset and focus on mutual support and partnership, we can succeed to create valuable cooperation and coopetition.

Knowledge sharing and innovation

Knowledge sharing is a resource proven to generate digital innovation. In a study conducted by The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, they state, “Effective knowledge sharing drives organisational and individual learning, which in turn speeds up and improves the quality of product innovation.” 

If you feel motivated to tackle the topic of co-creation in your own company, you can do so together with us. We would love for you to join us in building a powerful European ecosystem to push AI-powered manufacturing efficiency further.

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