We shape the future of supply chain and manufacturing with AI.


As the market leader in AI-driven manufacturing and supply chain and number one innovation hub in Germany, we are helping our customers stay ahead in an ever-evolving industry. The future of digitization is already becoming clear, with the rise of the Digital Factory and software-controlled adaptable supply chains powered by AI. We understand that digital is not just a trend, but a mindset, a business value, and an opportunity for us and our customers.

Our vision is to challenge the way products are manufactured and moved in the supply chain, for the benefit of the planet, society, and customers. By harnessing the power of data, cloud, and AI, we augment human capabilities to make manufacturing and shipping more efficient and sustainable. We build AI-centric products and offer AI-focused services that have a real impact on our customers' businesses - by being machine and industry agnostic.


We are ready to go beyond


We challenge how products are manufactured and moved in the supply chain – to do good for the planet, society and customers.


We use the power of data, Cloud and AI to augment humans to manufacture and ship more efficiently and sustainably.


We build AI centered products and offer AI focused services that create a significant impact for our customers.

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AI first!

The future of production and logistics is not just excellent mechanical engineering, software and digitization. The future of digitization is called "Artificial Intelligence". At Körber Business Area Digital, we enable our customers to be fit for the future - as the market leader for artificial intelligence in manufacturing and supply chain.

It is already foreseeable how production will develop in the coming years: AI first - the hyper connected and self adjusting manufacturing.

Digital portfolio meets digital culture

Digital Mindset is not only a buzzword for us – it is part of our DNA. We are coaching, guiding and implementing the digital mindset at Körber Business Area Digital. We are living the spirit of new work. We support the corporation with a result driven approach for building digital capabilities, digital competences, digital portfolio and digital solutions.

To ensure that we are able to act as fast as we plan, we are providing tools to enable a service technician to build a dashboard in one day, a venture to onboard a new machine in one week and the Business Areas and ventures to build a new solution in lightspeed.

What sets us apart is the special combination of agility and stability at the same time: Thanks to the Körber Group and our entrepreneurial mindset, we combine the best of the "Group" and "Startup" working worlds. The common tech backbone, the shared entrepreneurial and economic foundation, as well as our solid market positioning and access to customers forms the foundation for our success.

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Our Portfolio

We are the number one innovation hub in Germany. Found out more about our Ventures that shape the future of manufacturing and Supply Chain.

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Körber Ecosystem

Today, customers expect a more holistic, “solution” approach instead of an individual “machine” focus. That’s where the ecosystem approach comes in.

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