About Strategy

We practice digitization

Digital disruptions are changing our society, our economy, and the whole world. Körber Digital is the Körber Group’s response to this revolution. 

The mission of Körber Digital is to conquer new horizons, investigate technological trends, and commercialize innovative ideas.

Our ambition

We strive to explore new horizons, ideas, and technologies to empower customers and colleagues alike to seize the opportunities of the digital industrial evolution. We create value by maximizing the power of data in industrial ecosystems. 

Our contribution 

Inspired by the visions of Industry 4.0 and new customer demands, Körber Digital is the nucleus of digital transformation at the Körber Group, delivering innovative business models, products, and services. The youngest Business Area of this international technology group works at the interface of human beings and technology to usher in the industry of the future. Our agenda encompasses everything that will make tomorrow’s industry more digital, connected, and intelligent. Our mission is to conquer new horizons, investigate technological trends, and commercialize innovative ideas. 

Our approach

We want to be drivers for change across all Business Areas of the Körber Group and for external interested parties. We are committed, think outside the box, and regard speed as the new currency.

Being savvy and wise at the same time, we are truly committed to driving fundamental change. With great dedication, passion, and expertise, we leverage our creativity to achieve outstanding results. 

We embrace diversity and firmly believe in the power of heterogeneity. With a broad range of backgrounds, cultures, skills, and experiences, we stand for revolutionary, outside-the-box thinking.                              

In a disruptive world, speed is key: Agile and wide awake, we have everything it takes to bring digital innovation from promise to profit. At Körber Digital, we excel in playing to our strengths in highly dynamic environments. 

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