Corporate Venture Building: Focus on what matters for the customers!


"Be the first to do the right thing at the right time" - Kurt A. Körber

This is the principle that has guided Körber since its foundation and makes us invest in highly skilled people and disrupting technology.

In today’s fast-changing reality, the means to achieve innovation require different efforts. Here, at Körber Business Area Digital, we develop forward-looking technological solutions combining our industry expertise with the deep tech know-how and speed of a start-up.   


We are Corporate Venture Builders!

We build successful SaaS ventures that develop AI and IIoT technologies to transform global manufacturing in the most sustainable way possible. To do it, we gather and select disruptive ideas, support them with access to the group’s expertise in global manufacturing and supply chain, and then validate their business model. 

Sharing our resources and keeping an eye on the potential market, we support each new venture before and after its launch.

We help businesses to overcome obstacles using top-notch technology in AI and IIoT fields, providing them a competitive edge.

While keeping our eyes on the trends and future, Körber Digital also invests in strategic acquisitions, targeting deep-tech and disruptive companies, such as DAIN Studios in 2021. We are building an innovative ecosystem and ensuring we have all the expertise and resources needed to be the #1 developing AI for the manufacturing and supply chain industries.

Our venture teams are always testing new ideas while developing new governance models and processes to reduce our reaction time to changes in technologies and business models.

The new ventures created serve Körber Group as an innovation hub, while helping it to develop a diversification strategy and solve challenges for the manufacturing industry.

Want to know more? Check out our Portfolio page!

Our Digital Innovation Process

DIP is our Digital Innovation Process created for the efficient and systematic development of innovations.

By using our innovative method, we identify, iterate, and incubate innovation opportunities with promising market potential.

DIP's overarching goal is to drive digital transformation. Using design thinking methods and a co-creation approach, projects from the Pharma, Tissue, Technologies, and Supply Chain business areas are developed with industry experts and customers to gain a deeper understanding of users' problems, motivations, and goals.

A multidisciplinary team of strategic designers, product managers, marketing specialists, software engineers, and industry experts supports the process.

We are the first venture builder in the field of AI to increase machine efficiency with the aim of digitally transforming production not only across the group but globally.

We are able to do this because of the Körber Ecosystem. Check out our Ecosystem page!

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