We are a company builder focusing on AI-powered manufacturing efficiency

We are a company builder focusing on AI-powered manufacturing efficiency

We are a rapidly growing team of 100+ strategists, venture architects and builders, engineers, data scientists, designers, operations experts, sales managers, digital marketeers, communicators, community managers and people enthusiasts aiming to make our customers and employees more successful in the digital age.  

Combine leading industry experience with deep tech know-how 

As a Business Area  of Körber,  an international technology group with around  10,000  employees all over the world, we bring industry leading experience from multiple industries such as logistics, pharma, tissue and tobacco to our tech ventures.  

Mechanical engineering industry has always had a strong influence on global manufacturing facilities. Efficiency plays a decisive role for us, and AI gives us the decisive edge here and thus becomes the future of our industry. It's about connecting machines, collecting data and optimizing processes to make our customer successful. 

Let's co-create for AI-powered manufacturing 

Based on our experience with our Business Areas, customers and partners, co-creation is key to commercialize innovative ideas that improve the key levers availability, performance and quality. We welcome innovators around the world to contribute to our ecosystem for AI-powered manufacturing efficiency.

lAs so many industries worldwide, we are facing the challenges and chances of the digital transformation. Even more than others, we at Körber are looking at how we can help to make our customers more successful. r

Daniel Szabo, CEO and Managing Director at Körber Digital

Where we are


Körber Digital has deliberately chosen an inspiring environment as its key location: Europe’s urban beacon and start-up hotspot, Berlin. Here, amidst a vibrant community of IT experts, start-ups of almost every kind, and international customers seeking new solutions, Körber Digital can ideally exploit the opportunities digitization offers. No other place in Germany has such a concentration of creative and talented people from all over the world. 


Karlsruhe is one of the most important European locations for information and communication technology. Karlsruhe has numerous engineering and manufacturing companies in the immediate vicinity. There is a diverse corporate, research and science landscape. Karlsruhe has been chosen to act as the national AI hub within the German Digital Hub Initiative. 


For some time now, Porto has not only been known for its beautiful architecture and numerous bridges, but also for one of Europe's fastest growing tech hubs. Portugal’s technology sector is growing and so is Porto’s developer community and start-up scene. The city is building up its own digital ecosystem in a dynamic environment that is supported by public authorities and private enterprises.


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