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Speed up machine downtime diagnosis with a software solution that preserves your KPIs during production problems

Production problems and machine downtimes are costly and stressful for everyone involved. Save on the amount of time required for maintenance by more than 50 percent and increase productivity by up to 20 percent by using Digital Uptime, a maintenance software suite developed by Körber Digital. There are four aspects involved, all of which improve KPIs and reduce production costs: 

  • Standardized management of communication processes in the event of an incident 
  • The option to integrate AI for fault detection
  • The ability to set up an all-in-one knowledge database based on predictive maintenance
  • Digitization of production to make safe investment decisions

Any breakdowns will have a huge negative impact on your KPIs

Whether individual components are damaged, material flows are blocked or machines are fouled, your production’s key performance indicators (KPIs) will suffer as a result. In practical situations, every maintenance manager has to answer the following questions while under huge time pressure: 

  • What is the problem and what part of the production chain are affected? 
  • Which service employees are available and what sort of tools and replacement parts are needed on site?
  • Does it require the skills of a certain employee performing repairs on a different production system, because a central production line has broken down and this is putting fixed delivery deadlines at risk?

Our maintenance software is designed to deliver an immediate response.

Want to find out more and radically speed up your maintenance activities?

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Building up data allows for a predictive maintenance approach

When we refer to digital maintenance, this is no longer restricted solely to gathering information – it is about maintenance management based on data. This involves everything from classifying machine errors, artificial intelligence and analyzing a machine’s maintenance history to establishing a database containing all of the maintenance knowledge that has been acquired so far. In time, building up this data allows for a predictive maintenance approach to be taken.

“We turned our full focus onto achieving these objectives, which is why our plans for developing Digital Uptime were so detailed,” explains Felix Raab, Product Owner at Körber Digital. “The aim of Digital Uptime is to minimize expensive breakdowns and, in a further step, to guarantee that the knowledge required to resolve such issues remains within the company. At the same time, we decided to implement a flexible, affordable payment model.”

Take advantage of maintenance software and increase your overall productivity by up to 20 percent.

The basic version costs less than EUR 99 per month

The software suite is ideal for customers in food production, the automotive industry, white goods, the energy sector and paper & glass production, due primarily to the continuous processes involved. “The basic version of this maintenance software costs less than EUR 99 per month. Customers can use the system at no risk on a small scale and then further upgrade the features later on. We firmly believe this software solution will have a strong impact on the market,” states Raab.

4 Reasons why you need Digital Uptime Solution

1. Allocate duties in a more direct manner, coordinate collaborative tasks, make more effective decisions and resolve machine outages much quicker than ever before

Incident management via maintenance software

When the ‘right’ expert with the ‘right’ information, tools and replacement parts is assigned to a faulty machine, the outage should (theoretically) be able to be rectified quickly. In practice, however, the process takes longer: throughout the day, various operators will contact the operations manager in charge of maintenance to describe the issue they are encountering. 

The operations manager will then seek to contact a service technician by phone (not always successfully). The operations manager also has to decide which of the multiple problems should be prioritized. The result: valuable time is lost. This is where Digital Uptime’s incident management capabilities enter the picture.

As Raab states, “The maintenance software overcomes communication barriers and guarantees the transfer of information. It makes communication quicker between the service technicians, machine operators and operations managers, and optimizes the way they interact with one another on a long-term basis.” To achieve this, Digital Uptime is based on a ticketing system:

  • Every incident is recorded as a ticket and classified. The system is able to learn based on these tickets, independently recognizes recurring issues and allocates the relevant duties to exactly the right person. 
  • In other words, the maintenance software ensures for the first time that the information arrives where it is needed much quicker than before. “Digital Uptime helps users to make the right decision and offers recommendations regarding who the job should be given to,” explains Raab. 
  • The system also verifies that the maintenance employee is available and takes a dynamic approach to allocating tasks. Meanwhile, production managers have access to all maintenance results at any time.

Do you want to radically speed up your maintenance activities?

We would be pleased to help you. Book a personal live demo and see how Digital Uptime can benefit you. Get in touch with us to arrange an online meeting here.

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2. Have artificial intelligence detect issues in your machines and find solutions, and avoid the costly procedure of having to do this yourself

Digital maintenance via artificial intelligence 

It is also possible to expand Digital Uptime so that artificial intelligence (AI) is able to detect the cause of a machine failure in a matter of seconds. Users also receive exact instructions on which replacement parts and tools are required as well as how to rectify the fault. The need to laboriously gather information as part of mobile maintenance therefore becomes a thing of the past. 

The machine is linked to an AI, with all data – including the results logged following the outage – being divided into segments. During the training phase, the operator has to give each one of these segments a label that describes the cause of the outage, as this is how the AI learns to differentiate between them. If there is a sufficiently large volume of segment label pairs, the AI will be able to independently detect errors if they arise again. 

“In developing this add-on for Digital Uptime Solution, we are working in very close collaboration with our customers as part of a highly streamlined data science project,” explains Raab. “This development actually involves far less work than people might think.”

Wondering what AI can do for your situation?

We are more than happy to answer your questions. Book a personal live demo and see how Digital Uptime can benefit you. Get in touch with us to arrange an online meeting here.

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3. Preserve the valuable expertise of your ‘machine whisperers’ and improve your predictive maintenance

Digital knowledge management 

According to the Federal Statistical Office, employees in Germany are around 44 years of age on average – this is four years older than was the case 20 years ago. With this in mind, it is imperative for companies to ensure valuable knowledge is transferred from older employees to their younger counterparts and that this process does not encounter any stumbling blocks. 

Otherwise, the expertise of these ‘machine whisperers’ may become lost. Thankfully, Digital Uptime Solution offers the ideal conditions for this, as…

  • All maintenance management knowledge regarding predictive maintenance (and so on) is recorded in a single location
  • All maintenance data is based on a comprehensible form and standardized structure, which makes it easier to document new knowledge regarding predictive maintenance as it comes in
  • Predictive maintenance software ensures that all processes run smoothly and no maintenance intervals are overlooked. In addition, Digital Uptime Solution ensures all users receive access to this knowledge quickly

Ensure that your experienced ‘machine whisperers’ will not take their knowledge with them and leave you in the dark.                

We can help you to master your maintenance management requirements. Book a personal live demo and see how Digital Uptime can benefit you. Get in touch with us to arrange an online meeting here.

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4. Digitize production and safeguard your investment decisions thanks to new data

Data twins for every machine 

In the age of Industry 4.0, the data generated from the production process is nothing if not valuable, as it allows things like resources to be planned more effectively and new business models to be developed. However, in order to be able to use it, all data has to be available in a standardized format and updated on an ongoing basis.

For machine data, this has not been the case so far, as it is currently distributed across different formats and stored in various systems. The picture becomes even more complicated when technical extensions are required or configurations are changed.

What Digital Uptime does is create a comprehensive record for the machine that is kept up to date at all times – right down to the individual components and service measures. Instructions are provided on how to rectify errors, as is information on how to prepare for certain tasks. This source of information can be used at any time, e.g. in order to keep improving the predictive maintenance software or as the basis for making key investment decisions. In other words, Digital Uptime constitutes an ideal (not to mention comprehensive) entry point into the world of data science and Industry 4.0.

Do you want to radically speed up your maintenance activities and improve your KPIs using maintenance software? 

We would be pleased to advise you and give more insights. Book a personal live demo and see how Digital Uptime can benefit you. Get in touch with us to arrange an online meeting here.

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