Making data work for your business with DAIN Studios!


Data and AI are evolving rapidly. DAIN Studios provides the essential know-how for companies to swiftly catch up while upholding the necessary ethical mindset. As a dedicated consultancy firm, DAIN Studios actively pursue data and AI opportunities on behalf of the clients, leveraging advanced data analytics, AI technologies, business intelligence, and related tools.


Full service to unlock the potential of AI!

High level data expertise!

DAIN Studios bring together a diverse team of 70+ data and AI experts who combine extensive business experience with deep knowledge in analysis, strategy, and training, always with strong core values that include doing good, going bold, celebrating diversity, and having fun.

In 2021, Körber acquired a majority stake in DAIN Studios. This move strengthens the position as an innovative global leader at the forefront of the new data and AI technology wave.

DAIN Studios can fuel the smartest data strategies, offering those substantial performance improvements that the clients crave.

lAt DAIN Studios, we're in the business of making data and AI work for you. We craft strategies and follow through with execution that fits your unique business needs. Our commitment is straightforward: to elevate your operations and innovate with purpose, making sure you see real, measurable benefits from your investments in data and AI.r

Dirk Hofmann, CEO of DAIN Studios Germany

Outstanding partner for AI!

DAIN Studios was honored with the Top Consultant Award 2022. Furthermore, DAIN Studios is named as one of the five best AI consultancies in Finland by AI accelerator Technology Industries of Finland.

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