From Pain Points to project development with state-of-the-art development!


Our offering, DevConcepts, is an integral component of the Körber product family K.optimize®, delivering manufacturers enhanced digital capacity and expertise. This empowers manufacturers to seamlessly execute digital projects, optimizing cost and efficiency ratios.

With a unique combination of knowledge, Digital Factory understands the pain points of a manufacturing physical world and brings that physical world into a digital cloud AI-empowered solution, creating personalized workflow engines.


One single entry-point, lots of potential!

Created in 2022, DevConcepts can help companies with a single-entry point. Doesn’t matter if it’s new equipment or a service, all can be done through the portal. With the potential for it to be used across several different areas, DevConcepts takes advantage of everything that has been created in the past, to leverage what they learn, combine knowledge, and have a complete full fledge offering in digital solutions for the manufacturing world.

lWe want customers not to have a black box. We want them to have insights into the data each one of the systems produces. A good solution is a solution that is embraced by everyone within the team, including the customer.r

Paula Gomes da Costa, General Manager Körber Porto

Filling the gaps to achieve digitalization!

Machine cloud interface is a common thing across all areas of manufacturing. The Digital Factory bridges the gap that currently manufacturing has towards a more digitalized solution era – improved design tools and processes, integrated data across the manufacturing lifecycle, and automated manufacturing planning.

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