Boost your manufacturing OEE based on AI with FactoryPal!


FactoryPal improves shopfloor manufacturing performance in the process industry by presenting solutions for typical pain points that reduce productivity.

Launched in 2020, as the first venture of Körber Digital, FactoryPal increases the efficiency of manufacturing lines by recommending better line parameter settings. Those are computed by combining cloud software with IIoT and machine learning. This Solution-as-a-Service (SolaaS) offering merges personnel’s expertise with AI to significantly improve performance on the shopfloor.


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More time for what’s important!

By combining operational and enterprise data, FactoryPal provides high-quality data for accurate insights into optimization potential, leading to a much better understanding of overall equipment effectiveness. Furthermore, The solution is industry- and machine-agnostic.

The user-centric experience and easy-to-follow pushed recommendations from the machine learning algorithm, allow users to focus more on core tasks and less on paper-based documentation.

lFactoryPal can unlock the unused potential on every shopfloor. With our state-of-the-art solutions we support manufacturers in solving challenges that they are facing every day with AI.r

Dr. Nadja Hatzijordanou, CEO of FactoryPal

Different needs, always a solution!

FactoryPal’s cloud-based worry-free onboarding solution is a fast track to upgrade production equipment with intelligent capabilities, in any process manufacturing company, and across a broad target market.

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