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InspectifAI is the pioneer in using machine learning systems in pharmaceutical visual inspection.

Founded in 2021, InspectifAI is engaged in developing and implementing various AI-based methods to boost quality and at the same time reduce costs in visual inspection of pharmaceutical products.

The AI solution empowers inspection performance, improving Detection Rates and thus product quality and patient safety. Simultaneously, False Reject Rates and re-inspection efforts are reduced to a minimum, leading to significantly lower costs. Being machine-agnostic, the solution can be implemented on any automatic visual inspection machine - making it the perfect retrofit.


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Get the most out of your production!

Relying on the data gathered from multiple machines and products, InspectifAI’s AI-models induce additional "knowledge" to existing inspection machines for better decision-making.

With its machine-agnostic approach, InspectifAI stands out from the market. The solution design brings AI to any AVI, not specific to one vendor only. All necessary components are part of the InspectifAI solution, including initial consulting, implementation, and qualification services. This solves the pain points of pharmaceutical visual inspection globally, and not only for one machine.

lWith our end-to-end approach, we tackle current pain points in visual inspection and offer the solution. Our solution design does not require significant retrofits or changes in the machine setup. We can apply AI to any automatic visual inspection machine.r

Mario Holl, VP Product, Sales & Relations at InspectifAI GmbH

Rising star in visual inspection!

InspectifAI is a rising star in the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry, winning various awards only one year after being officially introduced to the market.

Improve Detection Rates while reducing False Reject Rates!

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