Unlock the power of your workforce with vaibe!


vaibe revolutionizes the way employees with manual repetitive work feel and are linked to their everyday functions.

Using gamification and success psychology, combined with AI-optimization, vaibe creates SaaS solutions that naturally engage teams and empower employees individually.

Founded in 2022, vaibe has a clear understanding of the blue-collar worker's challenges nowadays. Creating a more attractive workplace ensures a consistent and scalable performance increase.


Gamification generates more value than fun!

Play hard, get better results!

Gamification opens the possibility of having a data-driven performance evaluation, immersing employees in a new gamified experience with a device- and industry-agnostic API-based SaaS solution.

Divided into three areas - an operator application, a wearable device, and a management dashboard - it offers a unique experience for the users.

Together we create the perfect solution!

Through a co-creation process with targeted development to solve pain points, the final solution is tailored to the customer's needs ensuring a symbiotic partnership.

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