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Digital Completion: Increased speed and reliability of machine commissioning

Commissioning Specialists are facing challenges today. They need strong technical skills and years of experience to successfully assess and remedy technical problems at customer sites. Long distances and constantly changing conditions require high flexibility and difficult remote work. The commissioning process is often blocked or paused, leading to difficulties regarding communication, collaboration, and escalation.

Making commissioning, collaboration and communication much easier

Our Digital Completion Solution enables Commissioning Specialists to collaborate more effectively and utilize common best-practice procedures. It provides peers and Managers with a convenient live overview of progress and the pending issues. Sharing, exchanging data, and coordination within teams is easier and more effective than before.

Our Digital Completion Solution is optimized for:

  • System integrators
  • Machine builders
  • Solution providers 
  • Automation suppliers 

Providing transparency and fostering collaboration

Live transparency and instant notification 

  • No additional effort is needed by Commissioning Specialists to prepare reporting
  • Live process and issue status transparency for Project Managers and other experts involved

Quick collaboration and escalation 

  • Commissioning Specialists can escalate issues easily to focus on their tasks
  • Commissioning Specialists require less effort to coordinate different issue-solving streams

More reliable delivery, thanks to improved procedures 

  • Shared best-practice procedures increase knowledge exchange
  • Robust collaboration with a single source of truth
  • A solid information base for downstream project documentation

Convincing performance

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