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Digital Shift Analytics: Better communication, documentation, and analytics 

During shift handovers, important knowledge transfer from Machine Operator to Machine Operator might not happen. The documentation of downtime and speed loss may cost the Operator too much time and is often incomplete because the documentation software does not fit well with other applications. In addition, solid information about what caused downtimes is rarely available and exists on different levels of knowledge. Production performance is unknown and analytics are too time-consuming. The outcomes due to changed settings are barely traceable. 

Digital Shift Analytics are our answer to these needs

Our Digital Shift Analytics captures and analyzes production settings and product changes and recommends parameter optimization in just one click on the basis of live data. Downtime analyses per product enable smart processes and make direct product decisions possible — for example, deciding which line is the most suitable for a certain type of product.

Using our Digital Shift Support module, Machine Operators communicate the details of problems directly to their peers. Having reliable documentation available at all times and knowing the root causes of downtimes precisely lay the foundation for enhancing production performance while improving quality and reducing waste. 

Optimized for continuous production:

  • Tissue
  • Paper & cardboard 
  • Steel
  • Food & Beverage
  • Glass 

Save money and resources and optimize core processes

Generating insights into production issues

  • The Digital Shift Analytics enables the Operator to explain downtimes, which are captured automatically from the recorded machine data 
  • This adds value by increasing transparency and accuracy in the description of the problems that occur during production 

Applied artificial intelligence

  • Digital Shift Analytics is equipped with a Machine Learning system based on neural networks to speed up the documentation process by offering suggestions and making recommendations to the Operator 
  • A combination of practical experience and live data leads to precise decision-making 

Compatibility with existing systems 

  • Digital Shift Analytics can be integrated into any customer's maintenance system to enable the Operators or shift leads to trigger a maintenance request directly from the application 
  • The modular structure allows it to be used together with our Digital Uptime Solution

Track your current performance

  • Digital Shift Analytics helps Process Engineers and Production Managers to track the performance of the whole factory by analyzing extracted data concerning downtimes and machine anomalies 
  • Provides full visibility of live downtime analyses per product in just one click 
  • Decisions for improving line performance and productivity are backed by good preparation 

Compare and identify weaknesses 

  • Digital Shift Analytics can be used to discuss problems on different lines in the factory and take immediate action 
  • Compare product performance, find outperformers or worst-in-class, and track changes in production settings. Thanks to the identification of root causes, prioritized recommendations are provided for process engineers. 

Convincing performance

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