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Digital Uptime: the intelligent knowledge base for faster responses to production breakdowns

Delivery that is on time and top quality is endangered by unpredictable production processes. The number and the impact of unplanned downtimes, changes in product prioritization, and the different levels of troubleshooting knowledge in maintenance teams are some reasons for this uncertainty.

Digital Uptime continuously improves and minimizes the mean time to repair

We want to reduce costly and time-consuming processes to a minimum. The classification of recurrent problems and a task management system will help you to concentrate on efficient production and deliver top results — in terms of both time and quality — to your clients.

Built for continuous production:

  • Tissue
  • Paper/cardboard
  • Glass

Streamline costs and processes using artificial intelligence

Categorization and classification of failures

  • Existing alarms in the event of a breakdown are supported systematically and their categorization is deepened over time
  • Classification of the breakdown scenario is based on the machine data patterns provided by a current breakdown
  • With every new alarm, diagnosis of the reason for a failure becomes more precise. Thus the knowledge base grows over time

Information is available where it matters

  • Direct communication and no loss of essential information in case of a handover
  • Support of assignment decisions providing full transparency about mean time to react and mean time to repair
  • Dynamic prioritization and availability of maintenance teams
  • Tracking of the progress of mean time to repair and access to current maintenance events

Capture knowledge and reuse it

  • Highly automated and simplified reports minimize the maintenance effort and ensure the continuous top quality of information
  • High-quality information is reviewed and linked to a specific breakdown scenario and machines' historical data
  • This information is reused for new assignment decisions, task preparation, and troubleshooting guidance

State-of-the-art technology and user experience research lead to an intuitive solution with continuous improvement cycles for maintenance management

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