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Digital Obsolescence Management: Increase your efficiency and upselling opportunities

Purchasing Managers are facing challenges today. The number of product discontinuations has increased drastically. Product Change Notifications (PCNs) and Product Discontinuation Notifications (PDNs) are missing. For Purchasing Managers, it is impossible to constantly control the life cycle of thousands of parts from hundreds of OEMs.

Improve your Digital Supply Chain

We now have a solution that meets these requirements. Together with our team of Obsolescence Specialists and our customers, we have created a Digital Supply Chain database that will drastically increase the efficiency of Purchasing Managers. Having 100% visibility regarding the life cycles of spare parts helps them reduce risk while increasing their opportunities to upsell spare parts to their customers.

Efficient and successful supply chain management:

  • PCN/PDN notifications
  • Risk assessment
  • Mitigation plan
  • Customer communication

Increase your efficiency and upselling opportunities

Unique selling proposition

  • Differentiate yourself from the competition by showcasing the benefits of digital supply chain and obsolescence management to your customers

New machine design

  • Decrease the risk of having obsolete parts in newly designed machines

Customer satisfaction

  • Increase customer satisfaction by reducing the risk of obsolescence 

Optimize your stock of spare parts

  • Decrease your stock of spare parts by providing better visibility regarding the parts’ life cycles and alternative solutions

More revenue

  • Increase your upselling opportunities (last-time buys, new machines and modules) regarding existing customers

Convincing performance

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