Disrupting the world of manufacturing – with digital tech

Disrupting the world of manufacturing – with digital tech

We carry a technology and software-first mindset.  

We are evangelists for machine-agnostic smart manufacturing. Our area of expertise: The manufacturing of the future – but smart is not only automation and robots; smart manufacturing encompasses both operator excellence and experience with the added value of artificial intelligence, data science, machine learning, IIoT and usability of the digital solutions. 

We have the expertise to combine technologies and people in meaningful ways to add measurable value to the bottom line of operations and productions. 

Porto software hub

Our Digital Enablement Team in Porto focuses on strategic digital projects. The development of innovative new products and improvement of existing digital solutions are in their expert developer hands. The work of this software hub impacts the entire Körber Group. 

The teams work closely aligned with the product development teams of all Körber Business Areas and external co-innovation partners. We have the cutting-edge IT and software expertise in Porto, such as Software Architects, Applications Operations, UX/UI Design, Quality Assurance or Cyber Security. Agile is not just a methodology; agile is the backbone of our day-to-day work. 

Karlsruhe technology hub

Our experts in Karlsruhe, the German tech center for AI research and application, are focusing on connecting machines with the cloud – by enabling Connectivity as a Service, manufacturing companies can gather insights from the data their machines and processes generate. Furthermore, the colleagues in Karlsruhe work as a foundation team, boosting the overall efficiency of Körber DevOps teams for digital customer products. 

Here, the tech of some stealth mode ventures is developed and refined, led by experiences IIoT, AI, ML product owners. 

If you don’t connect, you get left behind. The opportunity in machine and cloud connectivity are significant.

At Körber, we know that the future of manufacturing lies in a fully integrated and connected ecosystem across the whole value chain, built with advanced Data-Analytics tools powered by artificial intelligence (AI).

We create the next European manufacturing ecosystem and co-create it with all the players across the value chain.

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As an international technology leader, Körber innovates and establishes digital frameworks successfully: connecting people, data, machines, and processes. 

Interconnected machine-agnostic solutions are the future for the digital transformation of entire shop floors, production lines and processes.

Overall Equipment Effectiveness increase - from the 'cloud'

In the context of the manufacturing industry, connectivity means sending data from production machines and entire lines into the cloud, where the data is modified. Adapted data sets generate insights and are ready for analysis, monitoring. The goal is to optimize and automate production processes to increase the Overall Equipment Effectiveness. 

When focussing on the efficiency within the value chain, most manufacturers have a good idea of the general dynamics of full digital connectivity. Machine – Cloud – Magic.  

But value can also be generated when opportunities within specific groups, as employees, customers, suppliers and even more participants, are opened up. These opportunities hold excellent potential for growth in our ever faster-shifting markets, customer needs and infinite competition games.  

The opportunity behind connectivity lies in solutions that work on machines from different manufacturers, at a low cost, with the highest security standards.

Groundbreaking technology in the interests of our entire sector

"Germany is perfectly positioned for success in this area and with its hidden champions, has the ideal starting conditions. If the industry succeeds in overcoming competitive thinking and works on groundbreaking technology in the interests of the entire sector, there is a very good chance that a Silicon Valley of mechanical engineering will emerge in Europe."

Daniel Szabo, CEO of Körber Digital

Read more about the importance and necessity of a digital ecosystem for mechanical engineering.

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We build digital engineering tools for tomorrow's manufacturing industry focusing on supply chain, pharma, tissue and tobacco. We co-create digital products, services and business models with scientists, experts and partners to drive digital transformation globally. See what we do! 

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 At Körber Digital, we know that the manufacturing industry's future is digital and interconnected. Together with our partners, we implement cutting edge-data analytic applications to build efficient ecosystems that drive AI-powered manufacturing efficiency further into the future. 

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At the home for entrepreneurs, we are building user-centric AI-Powered SaaS companies. These companies will fuel the future of the manufacturing industry with a clear focus on increasing production efficiency. See what we are up to! 

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