Welcome to the world of machine-agnostic SaaS ventures

Welcome to the world of machine-agnostic SaaS ventures

We are the home for entrepreneurs working every day to build user-centric AI-powered SaaS companies that increase production efficiency! 

The future of the manufacturing market will be software-driven – we aspire to build companies with sustainable success, creating added value with our unfair advantage, deep industry knowledge and elevate partners.

DAIN Studios – partner for smart Data and AI (majority stake acquisition 2021)

DAIN Studios helps you define a clear vision, strategic targets and an actionable implementation plan for Data and AI. All along the process they guide you to identify new data-driven opportunities, optimize operations and innovate new products.

To secure a data-driven success that lasts, their data engineers design and build your data architecture, technical infrastructure, analytical tools, and data management systems in a secure and privacy-friendly manner. DAIN Studios offers also upskilling trainings in machine learning.

DAIN Studios leads you from the very beginning til the working implementation – to make „AI first“ also for you the key to success!

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lTechnology is not the only aspect that makes the use of AI successful. Due to the experience and clear consulting approach across all business levels, DAIN Studios is the perfect fit for us.r

Daniel Szabo, CEO Körber Digital

FactoryPal – our first launched venture (2020)

The solution is highly attractive for anyone wanting to improve their continuous production's OEE up to 25-30%

Machine data is the key to improvee overall equipment effectiveness. A combination of machine learning and hands-on operational expertise makes shop floors future-proof.

The high acceptance rate showcases the usability of our solutions and the positive impact they bring to your shop floor. The user-centric experience and easy-to-follow recommendations from our machine learning algorithm allow for more focus time on core tasks, and less on paper-based documentation, and therefore is gladly adopted by operators. 

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A software-first manufacturing revolution

FactoryPal's mission is to revolutionize manufacturing and to drastically improve shop floor performance by combining operator excellence with artificial intelligence (AI).
The solution helps manufacturers increase their OEE by up tp 30% and thus, significantly improve performance, outcome and the bottom line. As a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution, FactoryPal offers factories worldwide a sophisticated machine learning algorithm delivered as a plug-and-play solution with on-site shop floor consulting. 


lWe see great potential for the machine building industry in implementing AI solutions that can be used entirely independently of the manufacturers of the machines.r

Daniel Szabo, CEO Körber Digital & Member of FactoryPal's Venture Board

Great potential for AI solutions – independent of machine manufacturers

The mechanical engineering industry is facing the major challenge of equipping factories and manufacturing plants worldwide with a completely new and intelligent operating system.
As a company builder, we are proud to launch FactoryPal, the first company to tackle this challenge. We see great potential for the machine building industry in implementing AI solutions that can be used entirely independently of the manufacturers of the machines.
The innovation process with FactoryPal has shown us that the optimal path for our industry lies in co-creation. That's why at Körber we rely on a strong ecosystem of partners and experts from across the industry.

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Ventures in stealth mode

We are very excited about our stealth mode venture. 
Follow us on LinkedIn to stay up to date on their launch and information around the build-in technologies. 

Pharma x Digital

This soon to launch stealth mode venture utilizes AI-powered visual inspection for pharma manufacturing processes.  

This cloud-based solution is machine-agnostic and significantly improves time-to-market cycles and quality for newly manufactured products and batches. 

Supply Chain x Digital

Stealth mode Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution that is industry and device agnostic and uses gamification to award incentives, designed to boost the performance and engagement of individuals, teams, and entire shifts.  

Digital x Pharma

Stealth mode venture 3: A comprehensive database developed by Körber simplifies the critical process of obsolescence management in the mechanical engineering industry – reducing unplanned downtimes and maintenance stops. 

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We build digital engineering tools for tomorrow's manufacturing industry focusing on supply chain, pharma, tissue and tobacco. We co-create digital products, services and business models with scientists, experts and partners to drive digital transformation globally. See what we do! 

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Artificial intelligence, data science, machine learning and Industrial IoT are part of our DNA. Using the latest technology advancements combined with a “software first” mindset, we build machine agnostic solutions, adopt a user-centric philosophy, and disrupt the manufacturing industry. See how! 

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 At Körber Digital, we know that the manufacturing industry's future is digital and interconnected. Together with our partners, we implement cutting edge-data analytic applications to build efficient ecosystems that drive AI-powered manufacturing efficiency further into the future. 

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